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The face of realty market in India has changed rapidly over the past few years. The large projects comprising of Townships, Mass Housings, IT/ITES parks and SEZs’ are of common occurrence these days and will only grow exponentially in the near future.

Majority of such projects are still being constructed using the conventional methods. Thus the inherent advantage that these projects offer in terms of repetitions and huge volume turnover remain unexploited. In addition, these large scale projects constructed using conventional methods complicates the Project Management in terms of speed and quality of the construction.

With the changing face of realty sector in Indian Market, the change in construction methodology is inevitable and imminent.


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  • 1. Feasibility Study of Precast Concrete Technology on large scale Projects.
  • 2.Assistance in Setting up the Precast Concrete Plant.
  • 3. Structural Design and Detailing of Precast Concrete Structures.
  • 4.Project Management for Large Scale Projects built using Precast Concrete Technology.
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